Miami has always been a haven for innovators, for builders, for disrupters and for those wielding the power of technology as a tool of change.

Now, at a time when physical anchors to place are a movable constant, the spotlight is on our community.

We’re taking advantage of this unique moment to articulate the values, opportunities, and principles that guide our vision – both for ourselves and for those who wish to join us.

This Manifesto is of, by, and for, the people behind the #miamitech movement.

We Are A Community of Builders

We have grit, ingenuity, and as one of most entrepreneurial metro regions in the country, we innovate by necessity and for purpose beyond profit. What you build in Miami will work anywhere.

We Disrupt the Status Quo

We are a testing ground for novel ideas and experimentation. Our leaders are eager to build with and for all. We’re not only after the next unicorn, but also the business models that elevate technology as a centrifuge to a thriving community.

We Believe Talent is Universal

But we recognize that opportunity is not. We are cultivating experiential and educational environments that address the human capital needs of 21st century companies. Investing in an inclusive technology and entrepreneurial pipeline requires everyone do their part.

We Are Home To Outsiders

Over half of our population is foreign-born and we have one of the largest concentrations of immigrant entrepreneurs per capita. We value relationships and strive to welcome newcomers with open arms. We make it our business to break down opportunity silos and concentrated power structures. We do so to make it easier for all to integrate, connect and navigate this ecosystem.

We Are A Global Launchpad

We are the gateway city, not only to LATAM and the Caribbean, but to the world. Our unique geographic position makes us an ideal landing pad for capital and ventures seeking to expand internationally or enter the US market.

We Are Driven By Our Inclusive Values

Our community is multilingual, multi-cultural and though we struggle with meaningful integration, we are a true representation of the future of American cities: a majority-minority demographic. We are uniquely diverse but we are not yet a model for inclusion. Though, with such a large Hispanic and Caribbean population, it would be easy for us to make this claim.

We aspire to be an ecosystem designed for and embodied by inclusion, access, racial equity, diversity, upward economic mobility and seamless connectivity. We are on the way, but have such great lengths to go to ensure our Black, Indigenous, other Peoples of Color and LGBTQ+ people are fully represented by all measures of opportunity.

We Are Not Silicon Anything

We will never be the new Silicon Valley, Silicon Beach or anything but what makes our community unique. We are not a barren wasteland for startups. We rank high on startup activity and like most emerging markets are building the infrastructure necessary to increase the rate of scale. Miami has earned a reputation as a global hub for technology and entrepreneurship because we have intentionally laid the groundwork over many years.

We Are Collaborative

We know that innovation is not a zero sum game. It’s in our best interest to work together. Let’s collectively seek first to understand our existing ecosystem and aim to be additive, not duplicative. But, please, get in where you best fit in and always endeavor to amplify the work of others.

We Are Women-Led

We are the only major US city founded by a woman. In fact, we’re proud that so many of the resources for founders – from the accelerators, incubators, angel groups, coworking spaces, programs and conferences – are women led.This doesn’t mean we’re free from the inequities in representative board leadership, access to capital, or the endemic bro-culture that plagues other tech communities. We all remain vigilant to avoid gender exclusive panels, committees or advisory groups.

We Are Transparent About Failure

Which is really hard to do. We still struggle with calling out the outliers whose actions erode public trust and confidence. Let’s be honest: we have a storied history of racial inequality, striking disparities, affordability, homelessness, financial insecurity, gentrification and cultural fragmentation. Yet, we are constantly learning from our mistakes and from lessons of failures in other communities.

We Are Building Together

We are building with intention, not perfection. We welcome challenges, constructive critique, but most importantly, folks who want to make Miami better.

As we evolve, so will this #MiamiTech Manifesto. It is a living statement of purpose and accountability. It is a representation of our commitment to who we are as an ecosystem and where we strive to be. It is a declaration of the principles we aim to uphold and the values we endeavor to embody.

Don’t just observe, become an active participant in our experiment. Take the pledge, add these principles to your website or favorite online platform, and contribute in a way that adds value to our community.

We are #MiamiTech

The following members of the #MiamiTech community have committed to upholding these values, staying accountable to each other and the community at-large, and building a more prosperous and equitable tech community together.

Michelle Abbs, Managing Director Mana Tech

Chris Adamo, CBO/Investor at WhereBy.Us/Letterhead

Maritza T. Adonis, MTA Visions Global CSR & Gov’t Relations

Liz Rebecca AlarcĂłn, Founder & Executive Director, Pulso

Jonatan Alava

Kimberly Aldunate

JC Alvarez, Clarify and Built In Miami

Andres Arias / Clarity

Prem Balwani - Founder & CEO iGrabit

Matthew Beatty, The Carrie Meek Foundation

Demian Bellumio

Kiel Berry

Marie Berry, Founder and Angel

Mario Betancourt

Johnny Betancourt - Co-Founder @ Clutch Prep

Gean Biffulco

Laura Bries Biseo

Brian Breslin - Refresh Miami + The Launch Pad

Stephanie Brito, Software Engineer at Google + Master’s Student at Stanford

Leigh-Ann Buchanan, President & Executive Director, aīre ventures

Maria Budet, Beacon Council

Alex Cantwell, Founder/Inventor at FitFones, Inc.

Seth Cassel

Luc Castera - Founder, Octopi

Floris Chabert

Silvia Clarke, eMerge Americas

Tina Cornely, Founder of Bridging Humanity

Gabriela Costales

Mark Crofton

Mario Cruz, Watsco Ventures / Miami Maker Faire

Juan Pablo D’Alessandro, Endeavor

Nancy Dahlberg, Refresh Miami

Rod Danan, Founder & CEO at Prentus

Rebecca Danta, Miami Angels

Federico Decia, Co-Founder Nub8

Antonio Delgado, Dean of Engineering and Technology at Miami Dade College

Maria Derchi Russo, Refresh Miami

Arjun Desai, Insightec

Jason Devlin, Watsco Ventures

Eileen Devline-Ward

Brent R. Dixon

Vanessa Duran, Principal at DCC Accounting

Joshua Eisenberg, PhD, Lead Scientist NLU @ Artie inc.

Cesar Fernandez - Converge Government Affairs, ex-Uber

Wifredo “Wifi” Fernández - Scout, Lightspeed Venture Partners

Maurice R. Ferre, Insightec Chairman & CEO

Michael A. Finney, President & CEO, Miami-Dade Beacon Council

Cheriene Floyd

Ibis Fonte, Software Factory

Krystina François, Executive Director, Office of New Americans of Miami-Dade

Michael Friedberg, Founder/President of SEO Nerd

Maurice Gabriel, Your Strategic Partner

Carlos Raul Garcia

Jane Gilbert, High Impact Integrated Solutions

Ana Paula González, 500 Startups

Laura González-Estéfani

Claudia Gorham

Olga Granda

Elliot Grossbard - Head of Growth at ElevateU (HigherEd EdTech)

Flavio Nicolay Guimaraes

Patricio Guitart

Matt Haggman, Beacon Council

Michael Hall, Founder, Digital Grass

José G. Hernández — HRNANDEZ

Rosa Jiménez Cano

Christine Johnson, VP Innovation, Miami Dade Beacon Council

Ja’dan Johnson, Center for Black Innovation

Pablo Junco

Tamour Khan

James Kohnstamm, EVP, Miami-Dade Beacon Council

Herwig Konings

Melissa Krinzman, Krillion Ventures

Angel Lacret. Founder of Cobuild Lab

Alyssa Landry

Travis Laurendine

Evan Leaphart - Founder, Kiddie Kredit

Sergio Leon, Co-Founder 1Nation Digital

Moishe mana .mana common

Nacho Marcotegui - NEORIS USA, INC

Natalia Martinez-Kalinina

Laura I MaydĂłn

Michael R. McCord - AOA Ventures (Healthcare / RE Focus)

Kerry McLaney, 305 Creative & Art Vault

Melissa Medina, eMerge Americas

Kevin V. Michael, Co-Founder & CEO, Invizio

Johanna Mikkola, CEO & Co-Founder, Wyncode Academy

Juha Mikkola, Co-Founder of Wyncode Academy

Brandon Mitchell, Venture for America

Lynn Miteva

Rebekah Monson, WhereBy.Us

Katrina Morris

Courtney Murtha

Marcia Narine Weldon, Illuminating Wisdom, LLC

Lisa Nuessle, General Manager, Ironhack

Francisco Opazo, Entrepreneur

Michael Ortali

Anabel Perez, NovoPayment

Alex Perez

Cari PĂ©rez, General Assembly

Oscar Perez

Michael J. Pichardo

Justin Pinn, Board Member, Miami EdTech

Joanna Popper, HP, Global Head of VR Go-To-Market

Emmanuela Prevolis

Gio Punzo, Streann Media

Ivan Rapin-Smith, Watsco Ventures

Ryan Rea @Volvoshine

Arnoldo J. Reyes

Lynare Robbins, Executive Director, Global Chamber- Miami Chapter

Johnny JR Rodrigues, emb3Ded

Alex Rodriguez - Azulle

Gabriel Roizner, Co-founder & CEO Mozper

Jorge Ruiz, CEO, Finconecta

Marcelo Russo, Co-founder and COO, QRoom

Mike Sarasti, CIO City of Miami

Bernardo Scheinkman, Smart Cities Americas

Michael Schofield

Marte Siebenhar

Gigi Silver

Franklin Sirmans, PĂ©rez Art Museum Miami

Veronica Socarras

Cristina Solana, MiamiJS and Code for Miami

Felipe Solano, Google Cloud

Rodrigo Teijeiro, Founder & CEO of RecargaPay

Roger E. Teran

Gessica Tortolano Wyncode Academy

Max Tuchman, CEO + Co-Founder of Caribu

Cristina Urdaneta

Carlos Vazquez

David Villegas, Kuyayky Foundation

Charles Walter, community advocate and product manager

Will Weinraub, The Local Leaders Collective

Livio A. Zanardo

David Zinn

Brian Zisk

Jimena Zubiria

Nelly M. Farra, Co-Founder + COO of Perchance

Albert Paredes, SoftwareCraft

Mark Scharnitz

Jared Husch

Janet Kyle Altman

Alejandro Mainetto

Gita Shonek

Mike Teichberg, SHRM-CP

Mauricio Villaescusa

Roberto Interiano

Alvaro Melendez, CRANT

Traci Levine

Phillippe Saint-Just, Co-Founder

Ignacio Paricio, UX advocate

Maria Beckles

Kimberly T. Henderson, Neighborhood Housing Services of South Florida

Yasiel Segui, Miami Tech Advocate

Michael Coronado

Marcelo C. Freire, Sr. Director Global Exp. & Innovation

Amy Knox,

LaToya Stirrup, Kazmaleje

Bonnie Lee,

Haley Kirk,

Ken Finneran, VP Global HR

Erick Gavin, Center for Black Innovation

Juan Pablo Degiovanni, Crystalzoom

Beto Garza

Andy Weiss

Randy Carballo, Blanca CRE

Max Ringelheim, When Going Viral

Jose Vargas -

Natalie Ton

Isa Bolivar, Uber

Kelsey E. Rumburg, Author of Trash to Treasure

Markus Straarup, Founder of Friendspire

Kyle Maharlika, Associate @ VCM

Julia Marina

Charles D. Villard

Aileen Alon

Joseph Russo

Kevin Amézaga

Miles J. Varghese

Sara Rosenthal

Sam Blatt, Miami-Dade Beacon Council

Yendi, Doxie Digital Media

Nemanja Stojanovic, Head of Engineering @

Mariana Rego, Senior Product Manager

Jake Wells

Leo Correa

Diana Londono, International Economic Development

Brenda Matos, Product Designer

Andrea Torres, Head of Partnerships at Endeavor

Rachel Lipoff

Valerie Lopez, CEO & Co-founder at Shoot My Travel

Rebecca Negro Rocha, Endeavor

Earle Acosta

Tarkan Kocoglu

Antoine Forest, Co Founder - -

Joe Chin

Lucas Rosa, Founder Pedra CRM

Ailyn Guerra

Alicia Pierre, Legally Techie™

Matias Beeck

Stan COIGNARD, French Tech Miami - Community Lead

Laurent GALLISSOT, Consul General of France in Miami

Greg Horowitz, Consulate General of Israel in Miami

Champ Bennett

Xavier Gonzalez, Cyxtera

David Barkoe, Carve Communications

Sarah Nohe

Leon Gomez

Doug Skoke, Benjamin Douglas

Michael Wise, Director of Data Science @ CRANT

Sean Daly, Founder, Expetitle

Stephen Weaver, Venture for America

Jairo Cano, Caiman Immunizer Antimalware

Sebastian Gomez Puerto


Ricardo Teran, Co-founder - FOLIO

Darrin Scorpio Campbell, StartUPs United

Jorge Valens

Mellanie Malik

Adrienne C. McWilliams, Co-Founder & CEO of BRIDGE Networks

Amy Austin Renshaw

Suzanne Salas

David Bisset

Nicki Tessler

Juan Sebastian Arrubla

Rebecca Willett, software developer

Rodrigo Vogeler

Matti Marshak LAB Ventures, Studio CEO

Gladys Downs

Esteban Reyes

Alejandro Rodriguez

Alex Tellez, Ocean Azul Partners

Gabriela Sabate

Annette Green Tellez, Code/Art

Gabriela Sabate, Health Semantics

Jose Fermin, CEO @ What a TV

Enrique Garza

Kaitlyn Elphinstone, Cayman Enterprise City

Christian Schweizer, President HBS Alumni Angels South Florida

Gavin Heale

Mark Osterman

Ricardo Sangion, TheVentureCity

Ariel Quiñones, Ironhack

Temante Leary

Nate Causey

Eddie Garcia

Edgard D. Duque, TheVentureCity

William Herrera, IT System Engineer

David Jessup Jr.

Camilo Crespo

Emily J Gleason

Gustavo Grande, The Idea Center at MDC

Romi Bhatia

Andrea Vigil, Cushman & Wakefield

Jonathan Fichman, Kabot Advisors

Andre Miranda - Tech Innovations

Karin Klein, Bloomberg Beta

Juan Rosas,, Future Proof Websites

Marilu Rios

Timothy Hasse, Founder of General Provision, Founder of T R I M

Patricia Garcia, Founder @ college thrifts

Mike Lingle // Rocket Pro Forma


David Azar

jessica shraybman

Beatriz Ayala, Co-founder & CEO Musicasa

Alesia Salvatierra

Nishita Aswani

John Levinson, Westway Capital

Alfredo Sarria, Co-Founder @ SerpGuru

Douglas Almeida, Stayfilm

Claudia Duran


Monica Rojas, Palm Beach Tech

Pedro Sostre,

Daniel Kleinman, Seaworthy Collective

Nicolas M Iglesias


Brent Saiontz

Kevin Choi,

Ixax Tavarez

Nicolas Lares, Serial Entreprenuer

Maria Dreyfus-Ulvert

Hans O. Rueckschnat

Yuda Saydun, CyVent

Branden Bedoya, Google

Kevin Levy, Gray Robinson, P.A.

maria c. alonso

James Irvine, 305 Works

Lulu Carbonell, Liquid Carrot Founder; Cell-Ed VP; LifePath CTO

Cesar Villa Garcia, Advisor - Upsilon Pi Epsilon @ FIU & Software Engineer @ JPMC

Maria Dominguez, Site Director of CIC Miami

Essa Zouga

Julio Poppe - Ruway Ventures


Sebastian Silva

Chelsie Cooper, Approvely

John Wensveen, Ph.D., Chief Innovation Officer, Nova Southeastern University

Irina D Woelfle

Laurent Ruben - Partner @ French Accelerator / FaBB

Hernan Mayol, Apprentice Worldwide

Kenasha Paul, Black Professionals Network

Ashley Rousseau

Martin Ogawa

Fabio Escobar

Jose Romero

Kayla Cartwright

Rachel Streitfeld, North Bay Village Commissioner

Jorge Lozano, Ploosi

Marcelo Daniel Sanchez,

Nikki Cabus, Palm Beach Tech Association

Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, Clerisy

Josue Rodriguez

Andres Vallejo, Co-Founder @ Navigate

Henry Mederos, Software Engineer

Andrew Bowyer

Samuel J Morris, Gigasheen LLC

Amanda Vasco, LAB Miami Ventures

Raul G Faife, UPEFIU

Arathi Ramappa

Laurie Weisberg Creatd COO

Scott Rosenbluth, CRAZE

Patrick Corbett Founder, Mind Stimuli Labs, Co

Lynn Hackney

Amber Berger

John Hall, Brickell Opportunity Partners

Will Gendron

Chris Stegner - CEO & Co-Founder of Very Big Things

Mario L Castellanos

Paul Roatta, CISSP

Lila de la Chesnaye, ex-Chewy/Instacart/Nearpod

Rebecca Rovirosa-Capote, L’epic Miami

J.J. Sass

Aldo Mora, Sprezet

Ernesto JerĂłnimo Kemmerer, ek Technology Consulting

Ashok Deshmukh

JJ Ogrey, Founder

Akos Balogh, Moscase Inc

Devin Patel, VP of Business Development, Passport

Fabian Divito

Serge Elkiner

Laura Gabrysiak, R-Ladies Miami


Tamas Doffek

Annette King, Founder & CEO at Muuchit

Traci Levine

Delia DeBuc, Founder and CEO, iScreen 2 Prevent , LLC

Richard Bermudez

Raquel Quezada

Antonio Llanos, CTO LaCalle Group

Daniel Brito - Outcomes Manager @ Ironhack Miami

Reneida Leon

Nicolette Ghimire

Rogelio Caceres, RCG Global

Jayda Washington-Boothe

Danilo E Salazar

Sarah Lucas

Howard Gitten

Daniel Almeida, Stayfilm

Julia Wilkinson, imvest - invent, invest, impact

Kevin Cadette, Black Angels Miami

Jonathan Cox, CEO and Founder at Grownextdoor

Paola Correa - TedXMiami

Andres Saravia @ Meridian PDP - Data Privacy

Willy Orozco SoFlo RM for Microsoft TEALS

Yagiz Sozmen, CORE

Patricia Gil

Scott Weinreb

Erez Hevroni

Marlon Hill

Marta Viciedo, Urban Impact Lab

Kamalah Fletcher, A Little Help Never Hurt

Keena Fletcher, Groups of Good People

Randy Fuentes

Michael Samway, The Business and Human Rights Group

Andrew Sturner, Founder Orange Island Ventures, co-founder of Boatsetter, Miami Angels,& Entourage Effect Capital

Juan José Portela Zardetto - CEO PHLOX Networks a Division of SILIGOM USA LLC

Susanna Kohly Jacobson, Google Cuba

Fabio Iannelli, ADVANSIS

Stephanie Rios - Founder, Pop Squid MKG

Andrej Kostresevic, Partner, DART Ventures

Ivon Rodriguez, CMO @ Linqto

Augusto Landestoy

Bill Hinostroza, EasyClout

Cody A Bess

Stacey Kawakami